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I work at a neighborhood grocery store and have very rarely heard a parent threaten a kid with a spanking for their misbehavior. One time I actually saw a parent give their child one smack for not listening. There has never been a time, in my almost 3 years of working there, where a parent actually decided to take their child to the bathroom and spank them or said they were going to get it when they got home. I am sure if I worked in a grocery store in the past, like the 60's or 70's, I would have a completely different experience when it came to parents punishing their kids in public. I am glad that times have indeed changed. I think that, if you decide that your kid needs to be spanked, it should be done in the privacy of their home. Even if I had a kid that embarrasses me in public, I still wouldn't want to embarrass them by smacking them in the store or taking them to a public bathroom to give them a spanking. I may, however, say something like "we will discuss your behaviour at home", but that will probably be as far as I would be willing to go.
I grew up in the fifties. Not that many people around my neck of the woods spanked in public places or in front of others even at home. Sometimes if a kid wouldn't settle down, they might be taken out of sight a given a warning swat. But, mostly parents had some message that alerted their child they'd crossed the line.

First we would get one warning. Like, you need to behave yourself. I'm not happy. If you didn't shape up, mom would say. I'm sure you understood what I said, before we came in here.

My Dad warning was. I'm sure you can behave better than this. His pronouncement was. Well, there's more than one way to skin a cat and you just chose one.Huh
When I worked retail I heard the occasional threat and on two occasions a trip to the bathroom ending in tears.
I too have seen a kid emerge from the bathroom crying while with their parent.
I remember once several years ago being in a grocery store and a mom threatening to take her two boys pants down and giving them a spanking. At the time the lady was in the check out line so I can only assume she wanted everyone within hearing distance to hear her threat. Personally I would never threaten to spank a child in public. If one of the kids I was caring for misbehaved in public I would wait until we were alone in the car on the way home and simply inform them they had earned a spanking which they would be getting when we got home. If they had a friend in the car at the time I waited until I dropped off their friend at their home. A spanking is usually embarrassing enough to any child. No need to rub it in with further embarrassment.
I completely agree with Garth. Even in our scenario, with lots of people all about, parents give their children privacy. If you want your kids to respect you, you owe them respect and dignity too. A smaller point, I think it's rude to make people around you, especially other children,Sad uncomfortable by making remarks like that. It's not anything I want my kids to model.
I don't think it's possible to deny that spanking has become less obvious than used to be the case. Probably that means it's less frequent, too. But it's false logic to assume that because we don't know about it, it doesn't happen. I've more than once been surprised to discover families that spank among my acquaintance, and on reflection had to conclude there was no reason why I should have known. It isn't something that necessarily gets talked about; and with the "all spanking is abuse" opinion so common just now, there is good reason to be very discreet.
I agree with Garth and Vikinggene. There are plenty of ways of stepping to the side and having a quiet conversation if that's what's needed, but intentionally making announcements like that in public is unnecessary and humiliating.
I agree with Rebecca, and thus with Garth and Vg too. Some parents I'm afraid use humiliation as a punishment, and public announcements of the sort mentioned are a cheap form of humiliation which to me is a kind of abuse.
Also look at the kid themselves, Working at a grocery store for a while and now working as a lifeguard, I heard/hear threats all the time. some kids stop dead in their tracks, some half listen, some in their head go "Yeah right"
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