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I have never even considered this possibility before, but I probably should. I've only spanked Ivy once (hopefully I won't have to spank her too often) and it was at home. What do people think about spanking in public? My initial thoughts are somewhat of a compromise between respecting Ivy's modesty and punishing her quickly after misbehavior. I don't think I should spank Ivy in full view of anyone - that does not seem fair to her (and I don't think other people would feel comfortable witnessing a spanking, which is highly personal between parent and child). At the same time, it also doesn't seem fair to tell Ivy that she has to wait until we get home to be spanked (if we're at the beach or the library that might "only" be 10-15 minutes - that's still 10-15 minutes of her having to think about it - but if we're on a hike that might be a few hours). I've heard some people say that young children won't remember the reason for the spanking if it is delayed; I think Ivy would remember (in conjunction with me helping her with questions) but it also just doesn't seem fair to "spoil" the rest of the day by making her think about her impending spanking. Many places have family-style restrooms now (in part due to Washington's new rule about transgender bathroom access, which I support, but might have an unintended benefit for me and my family) that offer probably the most privacy one can expect in public. There is also the car, but that seems kind of awkward to spank in, and not as private as I would like. Thoughts?
I did spank children occassionally in front of other children in the group home. These spankings were always over clothing and short in duration. When I spanked in private they were on the bare bottom and more severe.
I would wait until you get back home to spank. It isn't other people's business how you punish your child.
As per Mike's comment, unless you want trouble and also to protect a child's feeling of self worth, never spank in public. I have spanked whilst out on walks, but only if I am sure that there are no other witnesses nearby.

I'm inclined to agree with the others, though over here, a single smack on a clothed bottom would be unlikely to cause a problem. But at the same time, I still remember the awful feeling on hearing "Wait until we get home, young man!" knowing that it might be hours before retribution was exacted, and perhaps with interest accruing from the delay!

PS At Ivy's age, if you can find a private place (even perhaps a quiet "rest-room"), I'd do it there, rather than keep her waiting.
For Gabe only, our son may use a family restroom, if it will be a long outing. Then he wants to deal with it at the time. Most places have those now. It's completely private and typically good size to accommodate strollers and such. They are generic and family friendly. If they're just running errands in town, then Gabe waits for home, as well. I doubt our son will continue this a whole lot longer. Based on temperament, that will stop between 5-7. A lot depends on the situation and the need to maintain order. There are always mitigating circumstances in daily life. But, privacy of some sort is non-negotiatble. We find a solution somehow.

All the others wait until home. We do not spank or admonish our children in public. We don't spank them in front of anyone, including siblings. We try not to reprimand them in front of others too, even family. But, that's challenging at times in the family home or car. It is our ideal.

If we are called into school, we will talk to an administrator. However, we will not have a three way dialogue with parent, child and administrator, unless we have been allowed to debrief our child in private first.

We believe observing personal space and boundaries sends a strong message about self-respect, as well as, respecting others.
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