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Full Version: School football game
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Anyone remember me saying my school won the English schools cup last year?

Well we started our defence yesterday in the 1st Round. I thought we went pretty easy on the other school. We only won 21-0 Big Grin Tongue I scored 11 then I had to go off to even it up a bit cos it was getting a bit silly. Then I went on at the back near the end just to make sure they didn't score because our keeper wanted his clean sheet!

Next round here we come! Big Grin
(09-30-2016 02:01 PM)Adam Wrote: [ -> ]WOW! Are you sure the other team actually turned up lol?

Lol Big Grin

Yeah they definitely did turn up but they were not very good at all. It was really easy to find space, and when I got the ball I just had a shot, their keeper was useless and the ball went straight through him quite a few times
21-0??? Undecided

Are you sure you weren't playing handegg??? Tongue

But seriously... Nice game Connor. We're proud of you! Big Grin
That's great Connor. Best wishes for the next round.
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