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Full Version: Tennessee on fire. Resort town of Gatlinburg
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I'm not sure how many have heard about this but this past Monday 17,000 acres of the Great Smoky Mountains burned within a few hours. Over 1000 structures gone and last count 17 are dead but 100s still missing. We have been in a sevier drought levels this year and very dry. Because of this there is a burn ban state wide. Monday morning a person up in the smoky mountains decided to light a small campfire. The winds Monday in that area was at hurricane strength winds. Sustained winds of 90 mph. Needless to say it got away from him and the dryness caused it to spread very quickly. They described it as a blowing storm of fire devasting everything it touched. Others said large fireballs were shooting through the sky. Most did get out but some couldn't. People staying in cabins in the mountain just didn't have time to come down. Gatlinburg was completely shut down evaluated from Monday until yesterday. Only rescue, fire, police and Red Cross workers were allowed in until yesterday. For five hours home owners, business owners and guest that were staying there were allowed back in. Here are some pictures I have found online. It truly looks like a war zone.
Prayers for all of Tn.
If you look at the fourth picture on top. Everything gone but the church wasn't touched. Last I heard they were no active churches burned. Some of the older churches that hasn't been used in years are gone but no active ones.
This didn't get reported (so far as I know) in UK. I'm horrified. My prayers are all I can offer.
Thank you Frankie that does mean a lot. That town and county relies on tourism to survive. Gatlinburg population is around 5,000 yet on any given day they are at least 30,000 in the town. The Great Smoky Mountains is the number 1 visited national park in America so not only have people lost homes, businesses but also they will take a huge hit at least for a while in tourist dollars which is something need to help rebuild. The truly sad part is all that can and will be replaced and the tourism will pick up but the loss of life, family members can never be replaced. So many stories are coming out. A family of five from Memphis celebrating their twins birthday, the three adult children are in Nashville in the burn center the parents were found dead two or three days later. The family that lived in the mountain over gatlinburg the father and son drove down to the Main Street to see how bad it was and if they were in danger, they were forced out and the mother and two daughter all died. Just a couple of the many stories being told. The FBI had a hotline to report missing people from that area on Wednesday they had a count of 300. The fear right now is they said parts of the fire could have been as hot as 2000 degrees or hotter which could literally cremate a live body within seconds. Like Frankie and John Boy said prayers are greatly needed.
Praying for the safety of those in the area, and for comfort for those who have lost friends and family members.
How truly awful. I too was unaware of this. It truly puts things in perspective. My family and I will be in prayer for those who lost loved ones, for those still missing, for the injured, and for the community to heal and grow healthy again. Thank you for filling us in Kimberly. God bless everyone in your neck of the woods. 💙
Thank you guys for your thoughts and prayers. I will post a few more as time goes along. It has truly been a devastating event that happened so fast. Like I said 17,000 acres burned and gone in about 8 hours.
Sad to see wildfires like this in Tennessee; that part of the country is not used to weather this dry.
Apparently two Canadians died in the fire. Pretty tragic.
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