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Full Version: An unhappy road trip
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Yesterday, we were visiting my family who live about two hours drive away. The visit went fine but on the way back, there was a road accident which meant a long delay, nothing we could do about it, but after about half an hour Xan and JoJo began bickering. We switched Sam into the middle seat in order to try and keep the peace but to no avail. As I pointed out to the boys, their misery was a lot less than the people involved in the accident. Anyway I gave my final warning, any more outbursts, either physical or verbal would mean punishment when we got home.

As soon as we got home (an hour late) I sent the boys up to the bathroom to have a bath to calm them down (they were all sweaty as was everyone I think), something they have not done together for some time. After about 15 minutes I went up to get them out and dried and then marched them into Xan's bedroom wearing just a towel each. After a short lecture, Xan went first as he was the lesser offender in this case. In his new 'mature' outlook, Xan took his spanking (with the leather paddle) keeping still and not making much verbal protest even though it was a long and pretty vigorous spanking in the end. JoJo got the same punishment. As his brother was witnessing his spanking (the first time they have shared one of my punishments for quite a few months) JoJo also kept still by clinging to my leg as I held him tightly. Although JoJo is by nature very vocal when he is spanked, he did quite well, I think because his punishment was being witnessed even though he got a longer spanking than his brother.

Anyway after their punishment, JoJo went to his room and they stayed in their rooms untill called down for a pizza half an hour later. As is our way, no more was said afterwards.

I did speak to Xan this morning, he was angry (with himself) that he has been spanked again, like me, he thinks he is too old, but he did agree that on this occasion he deserved it. We went swimming as a family this morning and peace reigned!

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