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Full Version: Spanking Ban
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Scotland definitely sees itself as a socially progressive country, so this is par for the course.
I think Canada is rather progressive socially but thankfully not that progressive!


As much i dislike the way i'm punished that feels like the government is stepping into personal life way too much. I don't think it's ok to tell someone how to raise their kids like wow....Are they gonna tell you who you can and can't marry now??
I think this is also taking it too far. If a child is being abused, then I feel it is fine for government and authorities to intervene. If the child is not being abused, it isn't the governments place to decide how to raise a person's kids. Their parents know them the best.


and like friend's mom works in schools and she says the behavior from kids these days is totally out of control and could all be fixed if they allowed punishment in school (which i think is kinda backwards sometimes to hit a kid in school in MOST cases), but seriously like some of these kids she describes are like CRAZY! They act out because they know they can! The stories she has told us are nuts. They only are allowed to react to them what????
I expect the ban will spread to other parts of the UK in due course, these sorts of laws generally do. In any case, anything more than a mild punishment is probably already illegal if anyone were to bring a case.

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