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Full Version: Meatloaf
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Cassandra and I teamed up today to make dinner for everyone. We took duck and chicken meat, and sent it through a meat grinder, then we added in some binder and some seasonings and made a "meat loaf" the shape wasn't quite loaf shaped but who cares.

We cooked it about half way, and then covered it in a brown gravy and mushroom sauce. the mushrooms were sauteed first and then the gravy was made on top of them. After covering it, we cooked it to an internal temp of 160-165. made a salad, some some pasta to go with it. Assuming I can attach it right, the pic is of some of the finished product. We managed to make dinner, without anyone needing a spanking during the project. Smile
Typically meatloaf is my least favorite food, but the idea of using duck meat has me intrigued (also the picture looks good).

It was a very good band!
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