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Did you gave spankings for your children at any family members houses? Brothers or Sisters house when visiting?
Only at their uncle's home in Slovakia.

I have spanked at my sisters, brothers and wife’s sisters house in the past. Also have spanked at my mother-in-laws house.
Once had to spank at my Mother-in-Law's house. The in-laws had two daughters and a son, and were frequent spankers.
I have smacked my children at my parents house.
It was very rare I spanked anywhere but my own home. The exception may have been my cottage on the rare occasion.
I’ve spanked at my parents house my brothers house my sisters house at vacation houses we’ve rented.
I also spanked at my brothers house and my wifes parents house..Only a warm up or mild spanking if you can call it .The real serious spankings are given at home when we return .I am more comfortable spanking at home and I can take my time and use the paddle.
Not often but my daughter has gotten a spanking at both my parents house and my in-laws house over the years.
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