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School Paddling in Alabama
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School Paddling in Alabama
Honestly, not a bad approach. There are still basically no convictions, and this kind of nuanced and community centered approach is really just part of being an teacher; and of course, there are always hiccups in this kind of work.

Paddling is legal in Alabama, but some teachers arrested for excessive force
Quote:About three-quarters of Alabama school districts had at least one incident of corporal punishment in 2015-2016.

And despite it being protected under law, educators still face criminal and civil penalties for paddling.
Quote: there's a line between school-sanctioned discipline and child abuse.

But state law leaves educators to figure it out.
Quote:"If you're leaving it up to teachers" to determine whether a student should be paddled, he said, "I'd tell them you do it at your own risk. If you exceed what a jury in your community says is reasonable, you're criminally liable."

Nathan Ayers had the longest case, but was cleared. The mother actually had some good reasons to talk about this and bring the case, it seems.
Quote:The child’s mother later showed cell phone photos of heavy bruising to her son’s buttocks to then-superintendent David Bowman. She said she wanted the incident documented so neither her ex-husband nor DHR would blame her for the injuries.
assistant principal cleared of criminal charges over september paddling

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10-13-2019 04:08 AM
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