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Full Version: Welcome our New Big Sisters!
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[Image: exBTGAo.jpg]

Congratulations to our forum's first Big Sisters!


Our new Big Sisters have volunteered to keep an eye on things in the Hideout and the Girls Clubhouse, but most importantly, to be there to support our Junior Member Girls that are here in our home.

Thank you, ladies, for taking on this important responsibility.

[Image: H8dVSCR.jpg]

PS - We are looking for more Big Sisters! Smile
I know I'm new, but would love to help out any way I can. Smile
(10-29-2014, 04:42 PM)Roxanne Wrote: [ -> ]I know I'm new, but would love to help out any way I can. Smile

Thank you for the offer, Roxanne. As you have likely noticed, our ladies are a bit underrepresented on the forum - although we greatly appreciate every one of them!

A few others were invited to help in this way, but understandably had reasons why they needed to decline. I'm sure Rebecca would welcome another "big sister" to join her in working with the girls. Consider yourself "promoted!" Smile

I've updated the original post to include Roxanne in our Big Sister welcome thread.
Thanks, Rebecca and Roxanne, for agreeing to accept this position. Smile It will be nice for our Junior Member girls to have you to confide in as they need to.
Thank you for the opportunity. Smile
congrats Big Grin
Thank you everyone. I'm glad Roxanne will be helping out as well.

To the girls (and everyone else for that matter): while I haven't been on this group too much lately, I'm always happy to listen to any problems you may have, especially if you feel unsafe or unwelcome here.
woo hoo!
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