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Full Version: What's For Dinner?
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What are you having for dinner tonight?
(Or breakfast, lunch, supper, snack, dessert, 4th meal - whatever)... Rolleyes

Let us know here so that the rest of us can salivate and marinate in our own jealousy. Tongue

Bonus points for pictures! Big Grin
Soup and Sandwich. Probably a western. NO DESSERT!
Looks delicious Sven. I love eggs!
Lunch... Mac and Cheese with meatballs and grilled chicken. Pics... no because it is already in my tummy
I'm getting hungry!
Lamb Shank.
Chicken wings - mild BBQ
We had a takeaway curry lol Big Grin

Then chocolate cake and ice cream for pudding. Proper healthy lol Big Grin :p
I can't eat too much sugar. BooHooo
Saturday night I had escargot. Yummy
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