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Full Version: Thank you all!
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This is my 100th post and I wanted it to be a little special.

I'd like to say thank you to the owner and moderators of this board and to all of the members.

You've made me feel very welcome and a part of this community right from the start. It's very comfortable here. I haven't seen a single flame war and I have been a member on other sites where that was most of the postings. It's a pleasure to not see that here.

I've found the people here to be really nice. The junior members in particular have such a great outlook on things and an honest willingness to share their experiences. That's rare and special. Getting spanked is embarrassing and the fact that you're willing to talk about it for whatever reasons you have is healthy and I hope that it helps you.

The adult members here show a genuine love for the children in their care. Yes, we spank, but we do it for the right reasons and in a caring and loving way. You all seem to be watching carefully for signs of abuse and watch over the junior members like they were your own kids.

I am really glad to be a member here. I've learned so much from all of you.

God Bless.
WTG Nancy! Cool Thanks for posting and helping to keep this place interesting to read. I like it here too.

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Beautiful message Nancy and all true, everyone here has such a good attitude on spanking, everyone is warm and welcoming,
this forum would not be the same with out you Nancy. You are a fine woman a good mom and a person i am proud to be a friend with.
We all here are pro spanking. we wouldn't be here if we wernt , even the junior members are learning to understand the need and the righteousness of spanking. I know i will continue to read every post you make Nancy because you are very pro spanking and you are one of the real good people on this Planet
You all make me blush. I didn't expect responses to my original post, but I do appreciate them.
Congrats on the 100 posts Smile I know I have been busy this summer with work and have not been as active on the forum, but when I try to get on and catch up, I always enjoy reading your posts, as they are very genuine and friendly. We are glad to have you with us Smile


Agreed, Michael. Thanks Nancy, I am glad you love this forum. It has been good having your posts and experiences here.
Hi Nancy a beautiful post, this is a great site for us all to come together, hope you continue on with us all