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Full Version: Let's Congratulate Nancy on being a new Big Sister
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Dear all, we would like to welcome Nancy as a new moderator and Big Sister for this forum. Welcome, we are glad to have you here and are glad you can help support us further in advancing this forum and supporting the teens who post here.
My congrats as well Hoe she likes the new job
Congrats Nancy. I know you will do a good job.
I think they made a good choice when they picked Nancy.
Thank you all very much. I was flattered when I was approached about this and now I'm humbled at being selected for the job. I'll do my best.

My goals are to help this forum keep growing and be active and to protect our junior members. Like the rest of the moderators, please let me know if there's something here that makes you uncomfortable. This should be a safe place for every member.

Congratulations Nancy. Welcome to the team!
Great choice for sure


Congratulation Ms Nancy. I know she will do very well.
A perfect choice! There are actually very few adults I'd trust alone with my daughter unsupervised in that room, and Nancy is atop the list!
Congratulations on your new promotion Nancy.
Polite regards Bs
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