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Something I've noticed is that a lot of members seem to close their account shortly after joining and often have few posts. This to me raises red flags on why they are joining. It makes me wonder if those people are looking for more sensitive content.

In order to protect the privacy of our members, what I would like to propose is a set number of posts one must make in order to view certain parts of the forum. I was thinking this could apply to Sunroom, Doghouse, and Kitchen Table. This way people can't just come here to read spanking stories that are real.

I think it is worth considering though I am not sure if it is possible to implement it.
All that needs to be done is create a separate usergroup. This would be similar to how you handle new members before they post their introduction thread.
I think that is a good idea.
For the members that are active on here, both Parents and Juniors, there should be a certain level of privacy as far as having new members join, only to leave a few days later.
I have no doubt there some people who have no intention of contributing, but just join to read the posts. So long as it doesn't cause too much work and there is a straight forward way of deciding when to grant new members full entry (say after 10 posts) then I agree with the idea.
Thanks for the input. We'll talk it over and see if what we can do.
I must confess my wistful comment recently on someone whose third post was about leaving did have a basis of cynicism.

In one sense it's quite good that there are no 'exciting' descriptions on here to stimulate people who are seeking adult content.

I had toyed with the idea of introducing my older boy to the forum. I won't for now, not just because of this concern but also because I have used the forum to obtain (excellent) advice on parenting. I'd feel constrained if the subject of that advice was reading it!

But isn't it wonderful that our Moderators do such a job that we can have a conversation like this?

@Team: Thanks for taking it into consideration. Sometimes the best ideas come from the lower members of the totem pole.
Last year I needed to make some posts on a financial/consumer website and when I registered I found out I was already registered from years ago. I'd forgotten I was ever a member.

My point? I don't understand why people are even bothering to close their accounts if they're not interested. Just stop coming around. It's not like their real name, address and phone number is in each post.
I've wondered that too. Why not just stop coming? I think sometimes they are trying to make a point, but since there's never an explanation, I don't know what their point is.
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