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Full Version: Redirecting?
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Is anyone else having problems with the board redirecting you to ads that look a lot like scams?
Yes. I would not click on them.
I have noticed that only on my IPad, but not my Windows 10 PC.


yes like all the time omg sometimes the site isn't even usable.
I am having problems too with the pop up on my iPad. It goes away after awhile. If you want to get rid of it completely download the app Adblock then it won’t appear or any other ads.
No problems here, sounds like an ipad specific issue (I use an iMac), have you updated IOS recently? That is sometimes the issue. either that or a specific piece of redirection is going on?

I haven't noticed the problem either. I'm using a PC/Windows 10 computer.
I have not had this problem either. I am using Windows 10 as well. If it is an Ipad only problem, ensuring your device is up to date as possible is the best thing you can do.
I am receiving those too on my desktop. It opens a widow that could be a virus if clicked on. I click the X in the upper right corner and it goes away. It is annoying!!! The programmer needs a spanking for that.
They are a nuisance, but as several people noted, it’s mainly a problem with ipads. I accidentally clicked on one and my antivirus package prevented it opening, so be careful.
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