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This week in Bible class for school the journal question is
Think of a time when you told God yes, your will be done.

I honest am not sure I ever did that yet and that is because I sort of want him to do things my way you know.
But have you ever said to God your will be done and really mean it?
I almost forgot the second part of that Blush but it is that we practice being obedient to God by being obedient to our earthly parents so also to think of a time when you did your parent's will even though it was difficult to do so.


Interesting points and important ones. Very accurate.

I think this is is a very hard attitude for some people to have. But it is an important one. Thanks for mentioning it.

I am sure I have obeyed my parents, quite a lot.

But an honest attitude that is accepting of God's will is definitely important to develop.
Personally, I turn it over to God when I've exhausted every other possibility......I have to try to do it my way first. Probably a character flaw. With my parents? Their will is done when I have no other choice but to do it their way or die. Big Grin
That's HARD Rosie. Does your teacher grade you on these questions?

I have turned something over to God, is that the same as saying your will be done? There was a time when I struggled with my mother not wanting me and wanting her to want me but I turned that over to God and am okay with whatever He decides to do.

The parent part is a lot easier. How much choice do we really have? It's do as they say or suffer the consequences. Maybe when I'm older it will be a choice but right now I do what my dad and aunt tell me and the only actual choice I have is if I'm going to do it with or without a sore butt. Not much of choice. Confused
No he don't give grades but just comments so that is good and a check mark to say it got done. It is a hard question and I don't know how to answer it. Like will he think I'm a bad person if I say the truth that I don't think I have ever just said to God for his way to be done. Maybe that makes me not a to good person as a Christian but since I am not even sure how I believe no more then maybe that won't matter. I don't know. School is crazy is all.


Do you mean like my college apps? I’ve stopped obsessing what god plans will be done will be done
I guess that would count.


You guess????? Lol 😋
I don't know for sure but what if it is more like saying to God if you want me to go to college I will go and if you don't then I won't but your will be done? I don't know.

I am not liking this question and am thinking it isn't one I want to answer since I don't think it is my teacher's business. My Bible teacher is a assistant or associate pastor to but I don't remember which one exactly and I don't know what the difference is no how. He is going to think I'm a awful person cause I don't think I even one time just said for Gods will to be done and like really was meaning it. I don't know.
Its all got my mom cross with me cause she says she isn't liking my attitude but I don't think I should have to answer the stupid question if I don't want to. i should be able just to say its between me and God.
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