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Full Version: Best wishes, all!
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Dear all, it appears the forum has slowed again.

This isn't the biggest issue. More fundamentally, I simply think it is time to move on from this forum. I have had many good opportunities over the years to exchange information. And now, it is time to move on. I think this forum has run it's course, at least with me on it.

Best wishes, all!
Sincerely, Anymouse
Sorry to see you leave. As long as it exists I will continue to administrate it. I think our archives are worth preserving.
Yes, I am sorry you are leaving.
Sorry to see you leave.
I'm sorry to see you go. I will miss you.
To all I say, give it time. If the forum is quiet, maybe you have something to say? And if not, it does not hurt to hang around until someone else does!