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Full Version: Rest in Peace Queen Elizabeth II
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It's a sad evening here in the United Kingdom after the announcement that Her Majesty the Queen has passed away at the age of 96 and after 70 years on the throne!
Prime Minister Liz Truss pays tribute to Her Majesty.

She was also the Queen of Canada and will be missed. She's been the Queen my entire life and her passing makes me sad. She was a remarkable lady whose influence was felt worldwide.

On a little historical note, she became the Queen when Winston Churchill was Prime Minister. She drove a truck during WW II to do her bit in the war effort. Her life was inspirational.

As the traditional formula goes: "The Queen is dead. Long live the King!'
I completely agree Nancy. Here is King Charles III first address. People have been concerned at the idea of him becoming King in the past but I have a feeling he is going to do ok.

That was a remarkable speech. I agree. I think he'll do well as King.
Rest in peace Queen Elizabeth II .70 years is a long time on the throne.