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God's will be done
Not really I’ll go to college either way I don’t really like ppl saying god things when u put the hard work in...I’m saying it’s gods will about which one I go to get into it I can’t control that they are sent 🤷🏼‍♀️
Isn’t church all about community? Maybe they are trying to help you feel supported. I think ppl lean on god to try to make sense of the illogical.
(12-01-2020, 06:56 PM)Meggy Wrote: Not really I’ll go to college either way I don’t really like ppl saying god things when u put the hard work in...I’m saying it’s gods will about which one I go to get into it I can’t control that they are sent 🤷🏼‍♀️

Only leaving it up to God don't mean not putting in the hard work. I think once you say to God I am going to college so you can decide which one but I am going you then are doing your will and leaving to God what you got no control over and that isn't like saying to him for his will to be done right?
So you see its a very hard thing to do for real and that is how come I don't think I ever did it.
When the angel Gabriel asked Mary to have God's baby all she did was say she is the handmaid of the Lord and that his will be done. She didn't have no conditions on it. That is what my teacher said is no conditions.
I don't like this question and it is way more hard then I was thinking it was.
The kids in my class have been working on being like this for mostly since kindergarten but this is just my first time going to a school with a Bible class.
Its a stupid question that I shouldn't have to answer.
I don't think this is supposed to be an easy question to answer. "Thy will be done" is something we Christians pray when we recite the Lord's Prayer but it is also something every Christian will have a struggle with.
Megan has it partly right with her example of what college to pick. She is not totally surrendering her will to God's will but she has taken that first important step by trusting God to guide her to the right choice for her.
I think we all start with surrendering to God what we have no control over because there is very little choice but to do that or worry yourself sick. It is harder to seek God's will when we feel in control with the world at our feet. If anyone tells you they do this easily, they either are being dishonest or misunderstanding what it takes to seek God's will.
Your teacher is human so he too will struggle with putting his will aside to seek God's will.
Think small things Rosie.
You have shared with me some times when you were frightened and took refuge in God's love and care. Every time you wanted God to do something a certain way but decided to trust that he "has your back" and knows best is trusting in the will of God.
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(12-01-2020, 06:54 PM)Rosie Wrote: I don't know for sure but what if it is more like saying to God if you want me to go to college I will go and if you don't then I won't but your will be done? I don't know.

I am not liking this question and am thinking it isn't one I want to answer since I don't think it is my teacher's business. My Bible teacher is a assistant or associate pastor to but I don't remember which one exactly and I don't know what the difference is no how. He is going to think I'm a awful person cause I don't think I even one time just said for Gods will to be done and like really was meaning it. I don't know.
Its all got my mom cross with me cause she says she isn't liking my attitude but I don't think I should have to answer the stupid question if I don't want to. i should be able just to say its between me and God.

Like that was ever going to end up well.
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I hope you didn't get in trouble over this. Confused Did you come up with an answer?

— Addy
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I think it’s gods will what happens with calebs surrogacy right
Who the heck knows? All my goofball sister had to do was write in there's no right or wrong answer....just do it and get the check mark that says it's done. She can make the biggest mountain out of the smallest molehill. No wonder she has anxiety.
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