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New Yahoo Group - Garth - 10-09-2014

RE: New Yahoo Group - Mark.DK - 04-16-2016

The group seems to be dead. Last activity was back in December 2014.

RE: New Yahoo Group - Frankie - 04-16-2016

Only 27 posts in two and a half years and 12 of those in the first month (only three in 2016). No, I don't think I'll bother.

RE: New Yahoo Group - Mark.DK - 04-16-2016

I feel the same way, probably a waste of time, about the inactive profiles, but I wrote about that in another thread Smile

RE: New Yahoo Group - Garth - 11-09-2016

I know this group is not very active but I do occassionly get people contacting me to talk about Christian child rearing and just child rearing generally. So I have decided to leave the group open for now. I might also mention there are other yahoo groups that you might find useful that are in line with the philosophy of this Forum.

RE: New Yahoo Group - Garth - 11-09-2016

That is weird Sven

RE: New Yahoo Group - MelissaJean - 11-09-2016

(11-09-2016, 05:19 PM)Sven Wrote: I saw there's a guy namen something like Big Mean Guy. I thought that's a REALLY weird name for someone one a parenting forum. Dodgy

Maybe it's true though he could be big and mean right

RE: New Yahoo Group - Garth - 11-10-2016

Or he is small and weak and needs to have a nick name that will pump up his ego!