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What foods do you HATE? - Michael - 10-03-2016

I think everyone has at least one type of food they don't like... Or even worse - CAN'T STAND. Angry

So just in case I invite everyone over for dinner someday, please let me know what I should avoid having touch your plate. Tongue

A couple restrictions -
1. Don't include food allergies. I plan to start a separate thread for those.
2. Don't include foods that you haven't actually tried. Some foods may look, smell, or seem disgusting to you, but unless you actually tried it and disliked the taste, don't list it here! Tongue

RE: What foods do you hate? - Michael - 10-03-2016

I can't stand coconut. Tongue Even the smallest hint of coconut in a recipe completely ruins it for me. When we were on our honeymoon, my wife and I bought a package of chocolate chip cookies from a local store. She was surprised when I tried one and said something along the lines of "YUK! COCONUT!". Angry She tried it herself, and said that she didn't taste any coconut in it. Looking at the ingredients though, sure enough, I found the dreaded hairy sphere listed down near the bottom of the list (indicating just a tiny amount). This was the only mention of it on the entire package. Sneaky... Very sneaky. Dodgy

I told my wife that the package cover should really say "COCONUT COOKIES... with a hint of chocolate chip" - she just looked at me like I was nuts. Rolleyes

RE: What foods do you HATE? - King Arceus - 10-04-2016

A lot of the leafy green vegetables I do not like. I also dislike onions, even on burgers or pizza. A lot of peppers I don't care for the taste either even though I like spicy foods.

RE: What foods do you HATE? - Michael - 10-05-2016

I don't like mushrooms - raw, cooked, mixed into a recipe, anything.

Therefore, I won't cook with them either. For example, last Friday I made a green bean casserole, which traditionally includes cream of mushroom soup as an ingredient. I typically use cream of celery soup instead, although there are other options.

RE: What foods do you HATE? - King Arceus - 10-05-2016

Sauteed Mushrooms are awesome on steak.

RE: What foods do you HATE? - Michael - 10-05-2016

(10-05-2016, 08:40 AM)King Arceus Wrote: Sauteed Mushrooms are awesome on steak.

I'll trade you my sautéed mushrooms for your sautéed onions! Big Grin

RE: What foods do you HATE? - John Boy - 10-05-2016

I'm not a big leafy green person myself. I also don't like any condiments unless it is cheese, or like a BBQ sauce. Green Veggies I have usually have cooked/steamed or smothered in something unhealthy. I have to think more on my list of things because of a gag reflex a lot of things are on there.

RE: What foods do you HATE? - Nicktxdad - 10-05-2016


RE: What foods do you HATE? - John Boy - 10-05-2016

(10-05-2016, 01:21 PM)Eric Wrote: My 9-year old son just commented on adults who don't like green and/or leafy vegetables, or have to smother everything they eat in liters of sauce of some kind: "What are they? Babies?" So, gentlemen, there you are. Wink

I don't fall for peer pressure so Tongue In response though, I do try things but my taste department has a strong say in what goes on.

RE: What foods do you HATE? - Connor - 10-05-2016

I'm not a fan of green stuff either Undecided I dont mind it in salads when it is raw but it all goes soggy and horrible when it is cooked Sad

I HATE custard and I don't understand why anyone would want to spoil a nice pudding by pouring that all over it