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Four Parenting Styles - BadMom78 - 11-06-2019

I found this article about the four main parenting styles interesting:

Parenting is often thought of as a one-dimensional spectrum between permissiveness and authoritarianism, but this article makes it two-dimensional, which I think helps clarify things a bit better. I'm glad to see a distinction being made between "authoritative" and "authoritarian".

RE: Four Parenting Styles - Meggy - 11-06-2019

i would say C is authoritative fo sho. He explains everything sooooo much so well. I try to get him to be permissive lololol....sometimes he can become that but not lately and it's led to some bad lessons for me i guess....J is def more authoritarian and he's been called out on it, i see him trying to be more like C now. He obviously has a lot to learn, lol.

RE: Four Parenting Styles - Meggy - 11-06-2019

Nancy is authoritarian. Why her daughter turned out ok. If i don't turn out ok it's J's fault.

RE: Four Parenting Styles - Meggy - 11-06-2019

sorry meant authoritative omg it wont let me edit

RE: Four Parenting Styles - amandalynn - 11-06-2019

My Step-dad is Authoritarian for sure

RE: Four Parenting Styles - Tommy - 11-06-2019

(11-06-2019, 07:55 PM)amandalynn Wrote: My Step-dad is Authoritarian for sure

I think I would be authoritarian, but also compassionate, if I had any children.

RE: Four Parenting Styles - Alex - 11-07-2019

Okay I fess up, I am somewhere between authorative and permissive as is my partner.