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Some snafus? - Alex - 08-04-2020

I notice the top right menu is showing links to the former gallery (in fact twice). This does not lead anywhere as I believe this were cleared out a week or so. Out of curiosity, I clicked, nothing to see, but it brings uo a whole load of redundant script. This is new, previously there was just no link!

Just FYI!


RE: Some snafus? - Anymouse - 08-04-2020

Yes, trying to clear things a bit and accidentally saw the link to the empty section pop up again. It was hard to make it disappear again, but apparently if you type the right web address into the system it manages to disappear again so you should see no links now.

RE: Some snafus? - Nancy - 08-04-2020

Thanks for fixing this.

RE: Some snafus? - Alex - 08-05-2020

I can confirm, no links, thanks for sorting.


RE: Some snafus? - Travis - 08-05-2020

Nice job in correcting the issue. Thanks!