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Veteran's Day 2020 - Addy - 11-11-2020

Today is a special day for my family.

Happy Veteran's Day to all who have served. Thank you for your service. Heart

RE: Veteran's Day 2020 - Rosie - 11-11-2020

Happy Veteran's Day

RE: Veteran's Day 2020 - Maddie - 11-11-2020

Veterans completely deserve a day to honor their sacrifices, but it always makes me so sad that we took a day dedicated to the end of war, the hope for peace, and what was lost by those who died in that war that was meant (overly optimistically) to end all wars..... and made it a day to honor the military. They should have left Armistice Day as Armistice Day, and created a new holiday for Veterans

RE: Veteran's Day 2020 - Scarlette - 11-11-2020

Happy Veteran's day!

Addy, thank your dad and other family members for their service.

RE: Veteran's Day 2020 - Meggy - 11-11-2020

They r so hot

RE: Veteran's Day 2020 - Meggy - 11-11-2020

Wait not veterans they r old but ppl in the military right now yummy 😋

RE: Veteran's Day 2020 - Libby - 11-11-2020

I hope everyone had a wonderful Veteran's day. A heartfelt thank you to those who have and do serve.
For Australians we had Remembrance Day on the 11th which I believe is more similar to your Memorial day.

RE: Veteran's Day 2020 - Nancy - 11-11-2020

In Canada we call this day "Remembrance Day" to acknowledge that we remember the sacrifices made by the men and women that made such heroic sacrifices to make us free. It has a special meaning for me and I am very pleased to see that all of you young people honour this day too. Thank you.

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We use the symbol of the poppy as a sign of that memory.

RE: Veteran's Day 2020 - Addy - 11-11-2020

Something that irritated me a little bit but not on here is when people ignore that today is about those veterans who are still living. I understand it's a different kind of day in Australia but in this country, it's a day to remember those who are alive, like my dad. I have 2 cousins serving right now. ALL veterans make sacrifices and I hate that some don't seem to want to acknowledge that. It's so easy to disagree with military funding or what the military is doing or where they are, does it kill someone to acknowledge they give up Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas dinner, they miss birthdays and other celebrations, they don't get to say goodbye to dying family members. They miss first steps and first words and being able to say ya big girl when she goes on the potty. Does it really kill some people to take a stinking minute to remember there are men and women who put their lives on hold so others can live in freedom?

RE: Veteran's Day 2020 - Rosie - 11-11-2020

I think maybe Addy some don't understand that memorial day and veterans day are different for us.