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My report card - Rosie - 11-13-2020

I know this might seem kind of stupid to some but for me it is a super huge accomplishment. I got my report card today and I was scared about it cause I haven't done to good in school but I'm not failing anything. My lowest grade is a C+ and last year that was maybe my highest grade. I know it seems kind of lame and especially since both my sisters are always getting mostly straight A's. I got an A+ for Social Studies and an A in music to and my mean old Science teacher gave me a B-.
I don't know but its just a good report card for me so it got me excited is all. You know when my mom and dad was looking for a school for me I used to complain to Alexandra and stuff and when I was getting bad grades I told her to and so you know stupid crazy me had a thought right away that I wanted to show her and then I remembered. Will that feeling ever go away? My mom and dad are happy with how I did to but they say I got to work on paying attention in Science. They said I am to smart for only a B- in that class and that made me laugh. To smart. Tongue

RE: My report card - Mr_Simons - 11-13-2020

You have clearly worked very hard. Well done, Rosie!

RE: My report card - Addy - 11-13-2020

Congrats Rosie!
I think the feeling of wanting to tell her will go away, it's kind of like a death. KWIM?

RE: My report card - Nancy - 11-13-2020

Yaaahooooo!!!! Well done, Rosie!!

RE: My report card - Samantha - 11-13-2020

Great job

RE: My report card - Scarlette - 11-13-2020

That dork threw up this morning because she had herself in such a state. Such a dork. I knew she was going to do well. Smile

RE: My report card - Meggy - 11-13-2020

Yay! Good job 💕💕💕

RE: My report card - Libby - 11-13-2020

Brilliant job! Onya Rosie!

RE: My report card - Kim3 - 11-13-2020

This mom is so proud of her Roseanna. Heart Well done little bird!

RE: My report card - Kittykat - 11-13-2020

Awesome job! Really well done kiddo, we're all very proud of you. As someone with a learning disability I know your struggles all too well.