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Who Decides Dinner? - Rosie - 12-03-2020

Who decides what you will eat and what if you don't like it?

In this house my mom is like the dictator of the kitchen and if we don't like it she says tough go eat a peanut butter sandwich. Dodgy

On Thanksgiving we had turkey
and then on Friday we had hot turkey sandwiches
on Saturday we had turkey pot pie
on Sunday we had turkey chili
on Monday she made turkey soup
Tuesday she was tired so we got a pizza
Wednesday she took out the last of the turkey thank you God and made us eat some weird turkey bake thing.

I told my mom the turkey was way to big but she didn't listen to me.

Tonight we have to eat fish. Confused

I like fish but I want spaghetti and meatballs. Confused

RE: Who Decides Dinner? - Libby - 12-03-2020

I am with your mum on this one. If I have to cook it and you don't want to eat it, then go make a sandwich but here that would be a vegemite sandwich.

Someday miss, you will wish someone would cook for you, even if it is a lot of turkey. Smile

RE: Who Decides Dinner? - Scarlette - 12-03-2020

Never even heard of vegemite...mites on veggies? Tongue
I like turkey but my toes have grown feathers. A little spaghetti sounds really good.

RE: Who Decides Dinner? - Nancy - 12-03-2020

Amy and I take turns with dinner. Whoever cooks, decides what to cook. The other does the clean up.

RE: Who Decides Dinner? - Alex - 12-04-2020

I am a bit squeamish about eating stuff that has been in the fridge for a week or more, especially poultry. Our turkey gets eaten Christmas day, and then cold on Boxing day, that's it, done and the rest is chopped and put out for birds.


RE: Who Decides Dinner? - Rosie - 12-04-2020

Thanksgiving night my mom takes it all off the bone and freezes it for different meals so when she gets a turkey we eat ALL of it.

RE: Who Decides Dinner? - Scarlette - 12-04-2020

(12-03-2020, 11:20 PM)Nancy Wrote: Amy and I take turns with dinner. Whoever cooks, decides what to cook. The other does the clean up.

Oh I would not want to have to cook, can you decided on pizza on your night to cook? I'm not a fan of cleaning up either but the cooking part? I don't like to touch raw meat. I know....need to get over myself.
How old was your daughter when she started to do the cooking every other night?
Are you and your daughter more like friends now or are you still mom?

RE: Who Decides Dinner? - Addy - 12-04-2020

It depends. If my aunt is doing the cooking she decides what she's fixing but if she eats upstairs and my dad and I eat together, he'll ask me what I want for dinner.
I like to cook but I've never done a meal all by myself. When it's me and my dad we do it together. It's fun cooking with him.

RE: Who Decides Dinner? - Kittykat - 12-04-2020

I make a meal plan for the week but not specific meals for specific days. We just pick from the list that week, sometimes the kids will ask me or Jake to make a specific meal, sometimes one or both of us parents will decide.

RE: Who Decides Dinner? - Olivia - 12-04-2020

Maddie loves to cook, and does 2/3 of the cooking, so she and my mom make a mealplan two weeks at a time. That way she can plan to reuse ingredients and use more expensive ingredients than we'd usually be able to afford because everything gets used multiple times. It's amazing to me how many different dishes (and cultural food) Maddie takes on. French, Spanish, Basque, Cuban, Jamaican. She even made brats and pretzels from scratch in October since we couldn't go to the local oktoberfest this year