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Spanking when out and about - Dave - 04-29-2014

Garth responded to another thread and it got me thinking that maybe it would make a good topic all on its own...

So how do you handle it when you are out and about or away from home for a longer period and one of your children earns a spanking?

Garth commented specifically to spanking when on a camping trip or at the beach but this could apply to other situations as well. Regarding that, I liked Garth's suggestion of going for a little hike to a private location for spanking. Just have to be careful that it really is isolated enough. And watch out for poison ivy! ConfusedDodgy

I think going out to a car or van is probably the best solution. Maybe even driving to a remote parking lot. You could also wait until you get back home but some matters with some kids need to be addressed sooner.

What experiences do members have with this sort of thing?

RE: Spanking when out and about - Tissueman - 05-03-2014

We spanked in our van a few times. It had very dark windows and was relatively soundproof, so privacy was not a problem, though I suppose some people my have heard what was going on if they were very close, but no one ever commented or interfered.

RE: Spanking when out and about - Kittykat - 05-05-2014

We've used the van too a few times, mostly though we try to wait until we're at home.

RE: Spanking when out and about - Rebecca - 05-06-2014

Generally we try to wait until we get home too, especially as they've gotten older, but we have also used the back of the van or found a private restroom when we wanted to make a point right away or knew it was going to be a long time before we would be able to take care of business at home.

RE: Spanking when out and about - Michael - 05-07-2014

Good topic. I haven't had too many instances of needing to spank while away from home. I bet I would have spanked while we were on our annual family vacations, but our last one was in 2011 - before spanking was introduced here.

One time that stands out was during the summer of 2012 when my wife was in the hospital for an extended period. Andrew and Daniel were very disobedient while visiting with me, and I spanked them in the hospital parking lot with nobody around. Nothing serious - I just put my foot up on the floor of the van with the side door open, pulled a boy over my knee, and gave them 10 sharp swats on their clothed bottoms. Then I informed them that they would be getting proper spankings when we got home. They were none too pleased about that, but at the time, I was none too pleased with their behavior and disobedience.

RE: Spanking when out and about - Nicktxdad - 05-07-2014

I have not spanked the boys when we have been out and about, but I have definitely whispered in their ear that they would be getting a spanking when we got home, and much to their dismay, I didn't forget.

RE: Spanking when out and about - Garth - 05-08-2014

I preferred to do the same. I think waiting in the car while you are on the way home after being told you will be getting a spanking when you get there added to the dread and the punishment itself. I seldom got any argument when I announced a spanking was coming though if they were in trouble with a friend they wanted to know why they weren't getting a spanking too!

RE: Spanking when out and about - jaysimpson - 09-27-2014

I haven't had many occasions where the boys earned a spanking when we were out. But the few times it's been done, it's either been in the car or one time I drove behind an office building and took care of my oldest bent over the back of the car. It was very private and no one could see or hear. But my boys know that acting up in public is one of my biggest pet peeves...and it never ends well for them!

RE: Spanking when out and about - Sarah - 09-28-2014

I haven't got spanked not at home since i was like 6 or 7. I wish it was cuz i never earned one out in public since then. instead mom or dad just tells me that I'm getting a spanking when we get home and I better be on best behavior if I dont want to make it worse on myself. of course then I try to behave really really good and hope they will forget they are supposed to spank me but they never do!

RE: Spanking when out and about - Michael - 09-30-2014

(09-28-2014, 01:05 PM)Adam Wrote: Yea, I always hope that they'll forget when I earn a spanking when we're out but they never do and always send me straight to my room as soon as we get home.

Adam probably won't like hearing this, but as a parent I have failed several times to follow through on a promised spanking. If one of my kids misbehaves badly enough to be told that he needs a spanking when we get home, but then becomes an angel Angel for the rest of the time that we are out, I admit that I have conveniently "forgotten" about the deserved punishment. I need to be more like Mike. Blush

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