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School Corporal Punishment In Tennessee
Here is an article, which talks about him being paddled previously
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Bless his little heart .
Looking at the pictures I think he has clearly had a sound paddling but I don’t think it’s inapprop severe.
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An unfortunate number at least on the news station's post, and also on hers.

There is unfortunately an attitude inculcated which states that parents are forbidden from giving a hard paddling; not sure where that idea comes from in Tennessee, but it may be incorrect in Macon County.

There are even some spectacular comments from "non-violent-parents" like this:


This is why I think corporal punishment should be abolished in public schools. I'm not against spanking, but I am against child abuse.
I know I have stayed quiet so far in this thread, I've been thinking about it, and I appreciate the article link you posted Nicole, that gave more clarity to the situation.
First, the child had been paddled at school in late October of this school year for saying something inappropriate in class he had learned on YouTube. She said she agreed when the principal called for permission, the kid had been paddled, and it had appeared to have been done appropriate and I assume effective
Now this article said this incident happened in late November. She said herself "I agreed to it because nothing else was working at home,” Lauer said. “He wasn’t turning in his homework, he was doing it, but wasn’t turning it in. So I figured, well, let’s try that and see if that works, and then he came home with the marks.”
It sounds like the Mom had been trying other options at home to no avail, and by how the school board policy is stated on corporal punishment, I assume the school had tried other options too and was using the paddling as a last resort after other things failed to correct his behavior. According to another article I found, the kid was wearing underwear, shorts and sweatpants. We don't know how many swats he got, but honestly I agree with the Department of Children's Services and school district that this was appropriate. I have no issue with school paddling, especially in cases like this where it is used as a last resort, especially after measures at both school and home.
I had to chuckle at something she said. "I understand I agreed for him to get the corporal punishment,” Lauer said. “I didn’t think this would be the end result. And for him to be in tears and upset and not being able to sit comfortably on hard surfaces for days after, it was not necessary.”
Why is it a shock to you that he was in tears and upset after getting a spanking, or that he had trouble sitting on his paddled butt on hard surfaces for a couple days lol? Tongue
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I see no issue with how the school handled things. If the Parent gives the school permission to paddle, then they acted accordingly. It seemed to be blown out of proportion. The results are what comes of being paddled, and often so do teara.
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Agree with Michael that the article shed a lot of light on the reasons for her reactions. First, it doesn't sound like she's used spanking often with her son, while clearly not anti-spanking (well until perhaps now) it doesn't sound like she had been using spankings much at all on her son, and certainly not with an item like a big paddle that can leave marks like in the picture. If her only previous experience with the paddle was when her son got it back in October and there was only some redness and soreness, I can completely understand her reaction to seeing significantly more marks and bruises compared to the previous time. If you expect one result and get a significantly different one it is common to have a significant reaction, and possibly an overreaction. Also, since the kid was wearing three layers of clothing during the second paddling it does seem likely that the paddling was either done harder or longer, something had to be different to produce two different results from the two paddlings. The investigation they did just proved that he followed procedure, which is frankly pretty irrelevant to the question at hand which is how hard was the paddle applied. There's no way to tell that after the fact.

School's are not allowed to paddle where I live so this will never be an issue. But even if we did I would not allow it anyways, if they called I would tell them no, but I would certainly take care of the issue myself at home.
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Hi I came across an article regarding two girls who set of a stink bomb in school in Tennessee I have to say they look totally enrepentent but maybe that was before they faced their parents. I have posted the pictures to the gallery I know what woul have happened if that had been me
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Back in the 1980s a 16 yo boy chose a caning over an alternative sanction in a UK South Coast school, then tried to sue the head teacher for assault leaving a marked backside.
A paraphrase of the judge's summary (some years after) was, if you are to be caned at your age, you must reasonably expect it to be with some force.

Spot on!
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The paddle is basically the only punishment I get at home. This doesn't really look bad at all to me. This seems kind of minor actually. I guess it's probably different for kids who rarely get spanked though. If I had never been spanked before, I would probably make a much bigger deal over this.

If he has marks and he has trouble sitting for a few days, that's what's supposed to happen. Paddles are meant to have this effect.

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