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Unfortunate Plan from Japanese PM Abe's somewhat Socially Liberal administration
This seems like a really bad idea; although I can see where the outcry may be coming from this is an ill thought solution. Perhaps an ill translated one too, though.
The Japanese people themselves sometimes have trouble agreeing on how to interpret 体罰, taibatsu, meaning physical...something. Originally intended to mean physical punishment, now interpreted to only mean abuse.
Gov't OKs plan to legally ban parents from physically punishing children

Quote:The Japanese government on Tuesday approved a plan to legally ban parents and other guardians from physically punishing children following fatal cases of abuse conducted in the name of disciplining them.

The government is aiming to pass a bill to revise the child abuse prevention law and related legislation during the ongoing parliamentary session and put most of the amended laws into force in April next year. There will be no penalties for offenders, however.

"It is the responsibility of all adults to protect the lives of children. We are going to powerfully and swiftly work (to take steps to prevent child abuse)," Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said at a gathering prior to endorsing the bill at a cabinet meeting.

Under the envisioned changes, parents, foster parents and welfare workers would be prohibited from physically punishing children as a means of discipline.
This is the most recent status I have seen, it remains to be seen what is promulgated next month. The government ministries do take public comments seriously, but it remains to be seen what is chosen. I have not seen a more up to date Draft Guidelines, so I don't know what will actually happen in November. This is just the news article.
Japan panel agrees on draft guidelines for combatting physical punishment of children

Quote:Examples of physical punishment and acts that are mentally harmful to children, as described in the draft guidelines, include:

* Slapping a child in the face after they haven't listened to three prior verbal warnings.

* Forcing a child to sit on their heels in the uncomfortable "seiza" position after tampering with an important or valuable object.

* Punching a child for hitting and injuring one of their friends.

* Smacking a child's bottom for stealing another person's possessions.
I agree that punching a child or slapping them across the face is wrong. But smacking a child's bottom is not abusive, it's good parenting.
I would agree, but apparently some officials do not agree with us.
Omg I need to talk my brothers into moving to japan!
I would imagine that the same thing will happen in Japan as it has happened everywhere else laws like this have been enacted. Parents will largely ignore this law and raise their kids they same way they always have. The problem becomes the increase in child abuse that doesn't get reported.
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Indeed potentially counterproductive. Which is a worrisome outcome when the entire purpose is to reduce the instances of children being battered, dowsed in cold water, or starved.

(03-04-2020, 10:09 AM)Meggy Wrote: Omg I need to talk my brothers into moving to japan!

Still not sure what the final rules will be though!Smile
Don't even really know what age groups they are talking about here, they might ultimately say these guidelines are only for children below age 12 or 9...

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