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A couple months ago I got a belt whipping over the hood of Dad's truck... Bare butt and everything. It was in a big parking lot, but he parked at the far end away from everyone, with the front of the truck facing the woods. I was so embarrassed to get it in public like that, but he said nobody could see, the worst is somebody might hear, so it's best to quit delaying and to get it over with.

Last time I got it in the car before that was probably almost a year ago... It doesn't happen often.
I'm a big believer that discipline shouldn't wait if it doesn't have to. if the car isn't parked in a super private space, or can't be moved to one, then I'd wait for sure. But I've been known to "take a child to the car" when necessary to address behavior.
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When I was 8 I acted up in the supermarket and my mum spanked me in the car in the car park outside afterwards, it was pretty bad!

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