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Dinner time
(09-24-2017, 06:38 PM)Ellen Wrote: [quote='JohnB' pid='39957' dateline='1506262251']
Our family dinner in the early evening is a moment when the whole family sits down to eat and discuss our respective days its also a time when things such as notes home from school might be discussed or even misbehaviour at home and what's going to be done about it.

My wife prepares nutritious meals and the kids are expected to have clean plates even if cabbage might not be preferable to sweet corn.

The girls must set the dining table and clear away the dishes and do the washing up after the meal, Elie our oldest is not excused and she actually enjoys being with her little sisters as she refers to them.

If someone's in trouble they will then be sent to change into pyjamas and return downstairs where they will be punished appropriately and sent to bed

That's great, John!!! Are you saying punishments take place in the living room or family room?
Punishments are in the living room

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