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Corina Ungureanu

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According to her autobiography, Romanian gymnast Corina Ungureanu was spanked by her coach Octavian Belu. She said “I received many spankings from Mr Belu, but I believe competitive sports require a Spartan education. His spankings helped me a lot. It was like an impulse to snap out of my tired and exhausted state.” Daniela Silivas, another Romanian gymnast from the 1980’s agreed that the “correction” spankings she received from various coaches from that time were no big deal. “If it so happened we would get the occasional spanking from the coaches, we wouldn’t turn in into a tragedy. The correction was like our parents [discipline].” Was she and other gymnasts spanked on the bare bottom? Ms Ungureanu replied, “So what?” Ms Silivas said, “It was whatever was appropriate to my failings and the situation.” An unnamed colleague said “Spanking is a great leveller sometimes. I mean you have often very young woman getting all this attention and it can go to their heads. Maybe a good spanking on the bare bottom reminds them that it is all about the sport.” Another anonymous girl said: “I agreed to getting spanked if I didn’t meet certain targets before a competition, assuming that would never happen. But then I made the same stupid mistake and our team lost. There were no formalities, no lecture. Without words, he put me over his lap, pulled up my leotard and hit me as hard as he could on the bare skin. My God! Did that hurt. I was as shocked as hell and I freaked out. But none of my team mates were very sympathetic. It is what happened if you let your team down. I understood that. It was then OK to me.”

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