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Family Meals
Family dinner is something we try our best to maintain. It's not always a gourmet meal with everyone there every night of course, and sometimes school events, extracurricular events, etc.. get in the way, but it's something we do as much as possible. If someone needs to be somewhere else or even just wants to have dinner at a friend's house, that's generally fine, but if you're home, dinner isn't optional. Like you, we're pretty firm on no TV, no electronics at the table, so everyone can talk and pay attention to each other. The kids help set the table and do dishes (my husband is in charge of dishes, and gets more hands-on with that part when there's a lot to be cleaned), and sometimes I'll get them to help cook, which is something we usually enjoy doing together.

Dinner can be anything from something special I've spent entirely too much time making to takeout to pizza delivery. The kids sometimes joke that my best skill is ordering dinner. The important part for us is being together, which is something I'm thankful for.

Breakfast is pretty much a free-for-all every day, though we will sometimes make french toast or something special on the weekends.
Mom of 2 girls (18, 14) and 1 boy - (12)

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