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Dave Drops 50 On Us!
[Image: XpT4c5X.gif]
Congratulations to our newest Preteen,

We greatly appreciate your first 50 posts,
and look forward to the next 50!

[Image: zXB6olr.png]
THANK YOU for your contributions to our home.
It wouldn't be the same here without you!

[Image: YYYMshs.jpg]
Dad of 3 boys - Michael (19), Andrew (15), Daniel (13) and mentor to 1 boy - Jonathan (13)
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[Image: LvC4Dwd.gif]
Yikes. Have I really been that busy here??? I am a bit concerned as the pre-teen years were not so good for my rear! lol.
Mentor to 2 boys and 1 girl - Cody (14), Brady (10), and Caroline (10)

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Yahoo ID - davemacd1021
Skype ID - davemacd1021

[Image: LvC4Dwd.gif]

Good job Mr Dave on all your posts Cool U seem really smart and nice and I like reading what u have to say. Smile

So u got spanked as a preteen huh. I bet it wasnt as much as me LOL. I used to get it a couple tiimes a week at least I bet. And sometimes more I think Blush
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