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Welcome to The Computer Room! - PLEASE READ
Welcome to The Computer Room!

This is where you will find links to other sites that are directly or indirectly related to raising children and the reasonable use of corporal punishment. Do you know of a site that might be a good fit in The Computer Room? Please send a Private Message to me with a link and brief description. All links to other sites must be approved by administration. If you have any personal connection with the site in question, please disclose that as well. Thank you!

IMPORTANT - our cardinal rule here is HONESTY. This board is not a place for fantasy or role-play. There are other outlets for that type of interest. Share with us what you like, but KEEP IT REAL! Big Grin
Dad of 3 boys - Michael (19), Andrew (15), Daniel (13) and mentor to 1 boy - Jonathan (13)
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