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Thank You America
Thank you for what is about to be the most interesting and exciting election that has ever happened in America. It truly will be the best reality show ever. I visit America at least once a year and I encounter the most friendly and loving people you can anywhere on this planet. I am never fearful when I cross the border. I feel welcomed with open arms. I do not find the darkness others may see. Instead I truly believe America is great, worthy of providing the leadership we so desperately need in today's world. Be proud America. You are raising the consciousness of the rest of the world. The planet needs you to survive. God Bless America!
Sometimes being needed in that way gets tiresome, Garth. I know people around me feel they have made supreme sacrifices to help other countries, and everyone is looking for an apology about this or that mistake we've made. They're turning inward and want more domestic attention. There's a new nationalism that Trump's appealing to. Democrats will likely pivot some of their policy to address that. If they don't, they'll lose. I can see some shifts already by Clinton.

But, I don't think the American people will let us down. They have a way of dividing power between Congress and the Presidency that keeps us moving in the right direction. Heart I appreciate your kind words about our efforts. We don't hear them at home very often.

If they elect Trump, they might have a Democratic Senate, or lose Republican Governors in the states. The voters are always cautious about too much power in one spot. That's why you can't worry about any one figure too much. Americans are controlling three distinct arenas of power that are interconnected. It's a triumvirate that outsiders don't always see.

Particularly when our media focuses on national level news. The average subdivision of voting is a precinct of 1150 people. There is no popular vote, illustrated by national polling. The party has to win the election 1150 people at a time, over 300,000 times. That's a lot of nuts and bolts.
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Thanks for the explanation.

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