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Ruling Against CPS
I know two social workers who were married and worked for the same CPS agency who adopted a child who they were involved with while he was in care. The boy was basically unadoptable as he had severe behavior and learning problems. The last I heard the child grew into a productive and stable adult which I thought was rather amazing as he was severely abused and neglected by his mentally ill mother. These parents were truly a blessing for him and came along at just the right time. Miracles do happen!
Yes, They try to put siblings together. My oldest son's wife left due to drug problems. She abandoned their 18 mo old daughter, Lizzie, who he now has sole custody of. He had all kind of red tape to terminate her rights. They kept arguing that she might recover. Then she did it with a new husband. He didn't want his children. Didn't want two little ones. So they called us four states away.

He just couldn't handle two babies alone. But, asked to be in any plans for contact. She spent some time with them this summer. The first time they've ever met. He hopes to continue that relationship, and have them visit for summers. They need to be a little older. They are 8 & 4 currently.
Mrs. V
Grandmother/Caregiver of 8 -6 at home, 2 boys: Nicolaas15 & Gabe 5; 4 girls: Lisbeth 15, Natalie 14, Lizzie 10 & Ashleigh 8 - 2 girls away from home 22 & 17 (2 adult sons and 1 adult daughter, all single parents)
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