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What foods do you HATE?
(01-30-2020, 11:44 AM)Maddie Wrote: I will not eat:
corn dogs
chicken tenders/fingers (does a chicken have fingers?)

That's about it.

And to weigh in on the sardines, I don't like most of them, but when we were in Spain we had some out of a can that were a bit more higher end and they were AMAZING. I think the stuff that is cheap and gets shipped out is a lot more disgusting than the average sardine.
I’m not sure I could stomach them anywhere bec I’m so grossed out now lolol
We went to this really popular restaurant in Chicago and it was hella crazy. Super expensive for food that was disgusting. Like fish from a can. People eating from a tree they’d bring out to you. Thank goodness one of my brothers was like this is not good I’m not following this bandwagon and we left mid meal and they were following us they couldn’t believe someone would leave lolol

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