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What Can Canadians Learn From The American Election
Democracy with all it downfalls still is better than anything else.

It is not what you do, it is who you are.

It is better to say nothing and appear ignorant than say something and leave no doubt. (Mark Twain)
There is a new wave of consciousness happening right now.

No man is an Island.

You are not your thoughts.
I don't think the American election has anything to teach anyone about democracy. Except that virtually every other Western country does it infinitely better than they do.
A Canadian child psychologist was on TV the other day answering the question how parents could deal with the American election with their children. Her first point was that if your child is of school age you can not shield them from what is going on. Even if you don't allow your child to watch TV or access to the computor, they will hear adults and other children talking about it. The psychologist went on to say that by parents talking to their kids about it according to their age and level of understanding is better than just ignoring the issue. She said their are at least to issues that need to be addressed. The first was empathy. I would add compassion. We live in a world were their seems to be a lack of it and we need to help our kids realize that when given a choice between being right or kindness, choose kindness. The second the psychologist referred to is knowing and understanding your own space. Hear I believe she was referring to ones own boundaries and the boundaries of others. How do you feel when someone invades your space? What can you do to make sure your space is safe and you are not unconsciously or unwittingly invading other people's space? Sometimes the things that make us most uncomfortable are those very things are kids need to talk about and learn from the most. Instead of sticking our heads in the sand and pretending not to feel uncomfortable or that these issues don't exist, welcome the opportunity to have a caring, loving and truthful conversation with your child.
I'm not a Trump supporter -- that said, the American system is working as intended and will continue to long after this disaster of an election is over.

Trump may be "deplorable" but the people who are supporting his campaign are facing real challenges -- to dismiss them out of hand because of cultural elitism is dangerous -- their votes should be respected as much as a vote for any other candidate (or write-in). Remember, there were 16 Republican candidates -- why did people land with Trump?

I'd recommend reading this....note there's some language in it, so kids please check with your parents.
I agree strongly; there are real problems that do need to be solved. Glad you linked that article, it is excellent.

I think we should also acknowledge Reince Priebus's part in undermining Kasich and Cruz during the Indiana primary and the convention. The "establishment" definitely thought they would have more negotiation room with Trump than with Cruz, and clearly didn't see Kasich as viable at the convention.
They can learn to build a wall and make America pay for it?
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