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A chatroom section
(09-05-2017, 07:20 PM)Tommy Wrote: The reason I never pm anyone is because I doubt if anyone here wants to hear from me. That's probably the main reason I left this forum once before. I try to contribute to this forum the best I can. But I don't have any children, so I don't really have a lot to offer.

I don't have any children either, but I still try and contribute when I can. No two people grow up in the exact same environment. I at least visit almost every day.
I agree that a chat room means taking on additional responsibility especially with junior members. The standard of care required may not be something that can be managed by volunteer administrators who are not here full time let alone 24/7.

If people like to chat, as I do, it's pretty easy to use any one of several chat systems. Personally, I use Trillian because the new Yahoo Messenger is horrible.

Perhaps rather than a chat room we create a place where we can list our Trillian accounts and then people that choose to chat can do so outside of this forum. That way the moderation and liability will also rest outside of the forum.

My Trillian ID is nancyamysmom and I'd be happy to chat with any of you. I already do with a few of you.
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You're right, the new Yahoo Messenger is horrible. I used to really like Yahoo, but I don't anymore.
I also hate the new Yahoo Messenger, it is awful. I don't use it anymore.
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It seems to work for me.
Skype and Facebook are the only things I use, but I don't have anyone that visits this forum on either.
I do like Skype, and have also used Facebook Messenger. Both still allow for voice conversation.
Telegram also works well.
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I tried Trillian, but I couldn't get it to work right so I deleted it.
One of the members here suggested chatstep, because it's a one off chat service that is easy to use with no sign up. I have used it twice, but I would urge teenagers not to chat off site with adults unless your parents okay it. I know from my time on Yahoo Messenger that a lot of unsafe stuff can happen on messenger services.
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