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Mum Not Charged
Interesting article Garth, thanks for posting. I reviewed the video embedded in the article a couple times, and rewinded the part with the actual swat a couple times. A couple thoughts:
1. By how she did the swat, she used WAY too much force, at least I think
2. If you watch the swat, I was concerned it didn't look like the paddle connected to his bottom, but to his lower back. I have attached the picture of the swat the news article had.
3. The woman looked like she did it while she was furious with him, which I think we all know is not the best time to spank.
Those are just my two cents. I'd be interested to hear anyone else's opinion.

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Spanking when not in control of yourself is a dangerous combination. It's far too easy to go over the line.
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I'm glad that she won't be charged, but she should have spanked him with her hand and not with a paddle. Also, the spanking should have been at home and not in public. Someone should teach her the proper way to spank.
I echo the relief about charges.

I don't think spanking in public is necessarily wrong, but I agree it was not ideal. It looks like she only wanted to deliver one swat, and he was uncooperative.
I would agree that in this day and age, spanking in public is generally not approved of, and many onlookers would likely report such an incident to law enforcement.

I feel it is much better to handle discipline in the privacy of your own home. While I don't feel that using a "make do" paddle was wrong, spanking when in anger is.
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I don't think it was appropriate to paddle him in public but I think it was right that she wasn't charged.
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