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It's the ad source that's the problem
Several people have complained about this site redirecting them to ad pages. This problem can be resolved by using more reputable ad networks. I'm not an expert on this, but I will try to explain it the best I can.

Numerous ads bid with each other every time a page loads to determine which one your ad network for the site sends. Some of these ads contain JavaScript code. What does JavaScript do exactly? It gives instructions to your web browser, and can make your browser do things such as navigate to a different page, and use rapid redirects to prevent you from using the back button.

Users may be able to avoid this by using ad blockers, but that's not in the best interests of the site owners, who are probably depending on ad revenue to keep this site working. The best solution would be for the site to use a different ad network. One of the safest options I know of is probably Amazon. Using this would mean all banner ads you see are for Amazon products, and there would be no redirects.

Everything I said assumes that the site "owner" is actually the owner. I see that this is a subdomain of, so this may be out of your hands.
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It’s just about using better ads that aren’t bugged.
Thanks, Programmer!

Yes, it seems to be out of our hands mainly. Twould be nice to work on the issues sometime but MyBB isn't the most lively.

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