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Poll: Have you posted to this forum from a public WiFi?
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5 50.00%
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Have you ever posted here using a public WiFi?
Overlap should be pretty rare even if people have been using public WiFis. As someone said it would mean two people wanting to be members here would have to post from say the same mall or something. It's certainly not impossible, but it should be very rare. The use of VPNs is more likely, but even then the two users would have to have identical IPs assigned by the same VPN. I think the odds of that are even longer.

You have to know that the fourth number in the IP address is the port number and the first three identify the host ISP. To get that fourth number the same you'd have to be using the same router or using the same ISP at another time and as the IP is assigned getting the identical port number. That's not impossible, the odds of it happening to two people who want to be members here is very very unlikely.

I would expect two or more people from the same family to have the identical IP. In the case of a family, it's more suspicious if they have different IP addresses unless one is using a public WiFi.

I started this poll to see if overlap could be more common, but even with the limited response to this point, it seems as unlikely as we thought.

As moderators we have used overlapping IP addresses as one of the main reasons for not activating a new member. I have just been wondering if that's still reasonable and I'm beginning to think that our current practice is correct.

PS If you see someone in the Foyer that hasn't been approved for a while, it's probably because there is an indicator that leads the mods into asking some questions first.
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My hat is off to you. That sounds complicated, lots of detective work. Thank you to the moderators who take their responsibility so seriously.
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