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Rules: Guidelines and Expectations
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Rules: Guidelines and Expectations

1. I understand that, by visiting or joining this forum, I am expected to abide by all Guidelines and Expectations set forth here and at the Terms of Service page at CreateMyBB. By remaining on, or participating in any page of this forum, I have agreed to be subject to all of these terms. Those who cannot meet all of these expectations are respectfully requested to leave this forum immediately.

2. I understand that this site is for parents and caregivers of children who support the use of loving and reasonable corporal punishment, as well as others who may otherwise support it, and also minors who may be subject to it or otherwise support it.

3. I understand and agree that members of this board are to stand firmly against the practice of child abuse, and that any discussion advocating any type of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse is strictly prohibited. I further understand that, with regards to corporal punishment, my idea of what constitutes abuse may differ with the beliefs of other members. This is a gray area that will be addressed by administrators on a case-by-case basis.

4. I understand and agree that at no time should personal attacks or insults be directed to any member on this board (either by name or implied), be it in public postings or in private messages.

5. I understand and agree that I am to be respectful at all times of other members' opinions and practices, even if they differ from my own.

6. I understand and agree that the use of profanity is prohibited on this board, and out of respect for other members, I will refrain from using such language in public postings or private messages.

7. I understand that there may be younger members of this board who are considered to be minors, and that they are to be treated with kindness, respect, and understanding. I further understand and agree that NO inappropriate contact be made with any minor either in public postings or private messages.

8. I understand that activation of my membership will not be completed until after I make my first post on the board.

9. In addition to the Guidelines and Expectations set forth on this page, I understand that I am expected to adhere to the Terms of Service as outlined by CreateMyBB. This can be found here - Terms of Service

10. I understand that this board has a warning system, with which staff members may issue warnings to me should I violate any of the House Rules. I further understand that repeated warnings and further violations may lead to the termination of my membership.

11. I understand that the House Rules may be changed, or added to, and that site administration will make members aware of any such changes.

12. Finally, I understand that the CARDINAL RULE of this board is HONESTY. I understand that this is not an appropriate outlet for fantasy or role play, and I pledge that what I post and share with others is factual. I understand that the exception to this rule is that I may use fictional names for myself and others I may reference in public postings or private messages.

13. No soliciting of sales.

14. Adults may not send private messages to junior members unless that junior member has sent them one first. This applies to Trillian messaging as well.
09-28-2020 05:44 AM
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