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I Love Everybody
Jesus said “Love your enemies”. He could of also said “Don’t make any enemies”. Because I love myself love is all I have to give away. This is called karma. Sure there are times were I maybe annoyed by someone’s behaviour but I know that their behaviour is not who they really are. If I become angry and frustrated with other people I know that this is a great opportunity for me to go within, be still and know God’s peace and joy. This awareness only deepens my spirituality. I have no enemies because I know who I am. Forgiveness is not what I do, it is who I am.
Interesting thoughts there hellorandom. Wouldn't empathy call for someone to put their own personal pride, expectations, desires to the side so that you would then be able to walk in the shoes of that authority that you have determined wrong but won't admit it? If you have already determined how someone should respond and their guilt don't you actually close the door to your ability to walk in the persons shoes and achieve empathy?
I don't think there's actually a lack of empathy in today's society. I think what we have is a stumbling block to reaching empathy and that stumbling block is our inability to communicate effectively. I think in today's world, we are inundated with so much one sidedness that we've forgotten that the most important part of communicating is listening. You simply cannot achieve empathy if you don't' listen so you can first understand.
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I think there are instances where it’s clearly black and white about wrong vs.right. Of course there’s ambiguity sometimes and ya listening would be great to do then. Not really sure why you think there isn’t a lack of empathy these days, SEL is lacking...that’s been widely proven...and is taught in schools now it’s a buzz word like autism is and was and it should be. Social emotional learning also involves learning how to listen and respond,’s alllll incorporated building up to feel for other people....

Haven’t you seen people’s limitations? Ever?....

Maybe you haven’t and you’ve been blessed going through life and experiences that people around you always understand, others aren’t as fortunate.

Some people have struggles that the majority will never have to bear...and when talking about it others don’t understand and can’t understand it’s like explaining the color green to a color blind person. They literally can’t see it or imagine it. At that point....all that’s left is literally imagining yourself in that person’s shoes. Empathy. That is why it’s sooo important people work on their social emotional IQ not just their regular IQ.

Or I’m crazy. 🤷🏼‍♀️
It's important. Empathy and understanding are both very important.

I think it is really important to separate social "intelligence" and IQ. IQ by itself is it's own thing, it doesn't make you better at anything besides building bridges or writing computer programs.

Being a good person/trying to be kind is important in itself.

Everyone convicted at the Nuremberg Trials was above average IQ.

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