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RE: Bullying
I should mention that I absolutely agree with all the comments regarding reporting bullying at school and to Nancy's point it is the witnesses who are most likely to report it, certainly not the bully and not the victim. In my case the bullying had nothing to do with school. In fact, the kid and I were friends, but he was obnoxious and for whatever reason I was afraid of him, that is until I moved away and met some new friends. I guess putting up with his being obnoxious for several years finally came to a head and when I came back to visit and we were playing football The rage just came out of me and yes, I would have beat him to a pulp had he started a fight with me after knocking him down. I think he realized that coming after me would have gone south for him and all he wanted to do is get away from me. The fact that now the shoe was on the other foot, he was now afraid of me was good enough. I just went out of my way to knock him down in the game and American football is a contact sport. I just wanted more contact than he did. I do stand by what I said earlier. You can bully proof your kids and if they do get picked on, give the bully some of his/her own medicine, that's fair.
05-02-2022 11:02 AM
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