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For the parents who use the paddle or other implement. Do you take it with when going on holidays or visiting family members .for extending time period?

On one occasion my older boy, then about 13 had a testosterone-driven ourburst in an upmarket deparment store which embarrassed the shop assistant, me, and himself over an item of school uniform. We were away for a long weekend and several hours drive from home.

He had to wait three days for the matter to be resolved. Somehow we managed to put the impending correction to the back of our minds for the intervening time.

But he went through a stage of mega-meltdowns and I did not think it was in his best interests to let this go.
Though he was hardly 'pleased' with my decision, he did accept it for his own good. The outbursts probably led to five or six trips over the chair in a two year period. The outbursts have long ceased, and I hope the sore bottoms helped him to control them.
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